I have downloaded the .bin what should I do now?

Open a terminal and go to the folder where you have downloaded the bin file. Run the .bin file. E.g.: Under command Prompt

$ chmod +x hidpoint1-0.bin
$sudo -E ./hidpoint1-0.bin

The installation wizard will guide you through the process.

Do i need to be logged in as root to install HIDPoint?

No you don't need to be logged in as root, But you will need to provide admin privileges (sudo) to the installer process.

When i try to install i get an error saying

To run HIDPoint on 64 bit OS, you first need to install 32 bit libraries. In Ubuntu you can install the 32 bit libraries using the following command. sudo apt-get install ia32-libs. To know more about how to install 32 bit libraries check out the demo [b]Installing 32 bit libraries on 64 bit OS[/b]

Can i select any destination directory for installing HIDPoint?

Due to permission issues, please install HIDPoint in a directory which is by default accessible to all the users. Usually "/opt/hidpoint" is a good choice.

Do i need to make any extra configuration settings, so that my devices get detected ?

No, the installer will take care of all the necessary steps that needs to be done to detect and to configure the device.

After installation the configure window is display, but no devices are found.

Please make sure, you have at least one of the devices HIDPoint supports plugged in. Some distros require a reboot for the devices to be detected. You can also try unplugging and re-plugging the receiver.

How do i uninstall HIDPoint?

Open a terminal and type "uninstall_hidpoint" or double click the "Remove HIDPoint" Desktop icon. The uninstall wizard will guide you through the uninstall process.

What kind of devices are supported?

Currently we support USB HID compliant devices, particularly Logitech and Microsoft devices. For more information see our supported devices page.

Which operating systems does HIDPoint support?

Currently we support various Linux flavors such as Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS, Suse and Mandriva. For more information see the supported platforms page.

Which desktop managers does HIDPoint support?

Currently we support for GNOME and KDE desktop managers.

How do i start HIDPoint?

HIDPoint can be launched in couple of ways.

Double click on the HIDPoint desktop shortcut

From terminal: hidpoint

Does HIDPoint run in system tray?

Yes, HIDPoint runs minimized in system tray.

What are steps to make my device work ?

Plug in your device

Install HIDPoint and launch HIDPoint

In case you have not yet plugged in your device, Plug in your device

On the system tray right click on the HIDPoint icon and select "Configure".

HIDPoint UI will be displayed, select the device that you want to configure.

How do i launch the HIDPoint configuration window(UI)?

Launch HIDPoint in case it is not already running. From the system tray, right click on HIDPoint icon and select configure menu.

When i launch the ui, I can not see my device?

Make sure that your device is plugged into the system, iou might also want to check if your device is supported by HIDPoint. If you still have problems, please fill out a bug report and we will look into your issue.

When I hit the buttons like Media, Email, the OSD comes up, but I do not see any application started.

By default, HIDPoint configures each button for the specific application Ex: XMMS for Media Player. If that application is not available, then HIDPoint will not launch any application. Please go to the configuration page and configure the button to launch any available application.